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Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Indie, Survival Horror, Third Person, Unity


Squidward, what's wrong with you.rar 72 MB


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vitun kalju rättipää


love it Iam waiting for chapter 3  🤩

Nice game !

Interesting little SpongeBob horror game.

Love the jumpscares but I couldn't make it out fo the basement lol.

i came i saw and i defeated squidward live on stream here is the replay had an absolute blast 

aw hell naw what they do to squintwant bruh

This game looked decent from the outside. It gave me the old video game vibes which I enjoyed but once I got into the game it didn't seem to hard and wasn't too scary. The dialog needs fixed up a little but other than that it was alright. 

I loved the game and it looks very well made but it was way too difficult for me to beat ngl. Here's my gameplay of it:

It starts at 04:56

fun little horror game. Nice job! 

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i will play chapter 2 absolutely and I will lost the way again lol

played this with a friend, we enjoyed it!

Hi like horror games? then check my most recent video will make my day :)


oh yeeeeeeee!Chapte2!!!!!!

This game was absolutely scary! It took me a while to finish because once Squidward sees you, you’re usually done for!


had fun editing this video . had a hard time finding that last key but i made it through Lol 

hi why dont you check this video out :)

can you play on iPad?

The game is inspired by EGGS for BART?  I played the first chapter and I hope to record the second one today, good game ✌️


I had just as much fun playing Chapter 2 and this time there are jump scares that I wasn't expecting haha, good game and I'll gladly look forward to your future projects. Chapter 2 Complete Here y subtitulado en Español no olvides actvar los sub primero.

Something's wrong with squidward...

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First game

coming into this house knowing it's squidward really gave me the chills. Now it may not be scary getting the jump scare, but walking around had me more worried and terrified when he will pop up. Loved the quality of this one.

Bro What the FREAK, Why in the world was that jumpscare from squidward so freaking scary.....almost made me lose my sh*t

Great chapter 2, I loved the game. I hope you make more games

Played before all the jumpscares was added

Squidward needs a therapist.


I really liked the game. I confess that I didn't expect much from the game, but in the end, it was a lot of fun.

Congratulations for the game xD

Gameplay PT-BR

The game is pretty good i enjoyed it i say make the ai faster the more keys you collect to make it more of a challenge but i still enjoyed it hope to see more i played your game third in my video likes and views and comments are much appreciated!


My greatest job ever.

Its a fun game to explore, could have made squidward a bit more aggressive lol

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fun game nice little touches in the jump scares best with headset to get that YT scare face eh lol

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I am not gonna lie.. my heart dropped 3 times playing this game. Very well made if you want some heart attacks with the moving stuff jumpscares

Brilliant game, I loved the subtle jump scares such as the paintings flying off of the walls. This made the game feel live and much scarier!

well killed some time..... lol

These Krabby Patties looking a bit sus

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